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Sometimes models are delivered with prongs broken off, or stress cracks in them and we'll take a few minutes and fix them at no charge (and do a good job!).

Some good packing tips for fragile models: 

1) Get some pillow stuffing (at a craft store like Michaels) and use that to surround your model.  Use enough stuffing to fill (without compacting) one of our crush-resistant tins or an "Altoid" can etc. Pull the stuffing apart and "insert" your model in the middle, then place in the can.

2) Build prong supports in your models (see image below). It's a great solution - make a "prong cage" as (see image)


If your model is made of wax, multiply by its weight by 22.00, then you'll have a good approximation of what your casting will weigh. To convert from pennyweight to grams, multiply (dtw) x (1.555) = your weight in grams. For Envisiontec models, multiply by 18.7 (instead of 22), and for Solidscape models, multiply by 15.7 (instead of 22). You may also calculate the volume of your CAD file; platinum's density factor (approx 22) applies. Actually the density factor is 21.4, but we say 22 because it's better to estimate slightly heavy due to sprue cuts and other factors.

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