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One of the biggest challenges platinum casters face is whether a not a model will cast. We frequently receive models that are not castible. Why gamble with profits! The worst case scenario is to pay someone else to grow the model (growing typically leads to more problems in castings, but more on that later), then pay to have the model shipped (meanwhile the clock is ticking toward the due date), then have us call you and either tell you "It won't cast," or, "It's on the bleeding edge." Now, you're out about $150 and some time. The last thing we want to do is add to the pain, but we're guilty by association... Not the type of business we like doing; business should be fun and mutally beneficial with both partys feeling good in the end.

So we've built our built our business to address this problem in regards to outsourcing platinum casting. In essence, we exist to bring designs to life - to help you make them work, and work well. It's really what engineers do, and I don't mind saying that our experience has led us to become an "engineering service" of sorts. We have we've built a state of the art CAD/CAM shop, winning awards for technical merit and rendering, established rock-solid processes and systems to achieve great results. The point is that we know how to make platinum cast - and we want you to have a great experience behind the bench - no endless burnishing and screwing around with porisity from hell! Please view our tips for better results article for more info.

Are your models designed to cast in platinum?

Our Model making experience began with our 10 year experince doing jewelry repair; observing common structural problems and fixing them, as well as restorations, re-finishing/polishing etc. Eventually, we learned wax-carving, and offered wax carving to the trade before milling machines became commonplace in the jewelry business. 

We're willing to make time to ensure that your models are produced as close and accurate as possible to the intended design (represented by the CAD file.). In order to compliment the jewelry manufacturing process we'll strategically make models in pieces if you desire. That allows for ease of assembly and finishing.


Chalice top 

Ever since we invested in CAD/CAM systems to serve the trade in 2003, we've used Matrix/Rhino design software and Revo Mills. Currently we have a "Revo B" and "Revo C" in-house. We use the Revo B primarily for "flat work," such as pendants/coins etc., and the Revo C for rings, heads, bracelets and precision milling jobs. Check our our wax gallery here

Solidscape 3Z


For High Precision models with maximum castability Solidscape is the best choice. We're printing as low as 19 micron slices, providing awesome detail!  Because Solidscape models don't expand in the flask, it allows for better castings and higher detail that resins cannot achieve.

B9 Creator HD


For quick 3D printing on certain designs we also have a B9 Creator HD. It's strengths are in designs with primarily "up facing" geometry, speed and lower cost. See our B9 Creator HD gallery here.