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We exclusively use 95% platinum ruthenium because it offers the best combination of color, hardness, and workability. It also may be stamped "PLAT" according to FTC guidelines.

One of the great benefits to pure platinum is that it's "hypo allergenic." Well, technically, it's non-reactive, therefore, alloy choice becomes critical in keeping platinum jewelry "non-reactive" or "hypo allergenic." There are several alloys out there that make platinum jewelry reactive - in otherwords, people develop skin irritations. The most notable "reactive" alloy is platinum/cobalt. This alloy was developed with the intent of making platnium easier to cast (but with little concern of the loss of benefit to the end customer). It also adds magnetic properties to platinum...not fun when trying to separate steel from bench-sweeps!

Another reactive alloy would be platinum/copper: the biochemistry of certain people causes them to "leech" copper out of jewelry alloys. Although platinum copper is not as common, it's out there. For more information from the Platinum Guild, click here and here.

Our Goal is to lead the industry with our quality platinum castings while providing outstanding  service to the custom-jewelry trade. We guarantee your satisfaction!

What makes Golden Sun so special?

First of all, we love platinum, and that's all we cast. But mainly, we see the benefit of specialization going to the customer. Would you want to go to a general practitioner to get heart surgery? More like a cardiologist, right?

Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find a better way to get truly special results in your platinum castings than to have us design, machine, and cast. We're just repeating what our customers tell us!