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Sometimes important details that contribute to great results are overlooked in models we receive for platinum casting (which is another reason to consider having us make your model)!

However, because great results and happy jewelers is the goal, we include quick fixes and modifications as part of our service. Here's a quality control action list to implement before shipping your model:

1) Filling in holes that obstruct the flow of the metal
2) Filling in cracks or air-bubbles in models
3) Touching up surface flaws that would require filling in with metal in the casting ("innies" from broken of RP supports etc).
4) We prefer to carefully fill-in holes on certain design features because they can be easily drilled out, and to minimize platinum waste. 


Need some help sharpening and building skills for CAD, Model Making or Platinum Casting? Please contact us to discuss our pricing and availability for on-site consulting. We offer personal and small group training in CAD/CAM, and can train and help retail platinum-casting shops seriously step their game up!