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If your model is made of wax, multiply by its weight by 22.00, then you'll have a good approximation of what your casting will weigh. To convert from pennyweight to grams, multiply (dtw) x (1.555) = your weight in grams. For Envisiontec models, multiply by 18.7 (instead of 22), and for Solidscape models, multiply by 15.7 (instead of 22). You may also calculate the volume of your CAD file; platinum's density factor (approx 22) applies. Actually the density factor is 21.4, but we say 22 because it's better to estimate slightly heavy due to sprue cuts and other factors.

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Sometimes models we receive are not castible!

As much as one wants to keep manufacturing "in house", (especially if you've invested many thousands of dollars on CAD/CAM systems), sometimes that's an invitation to a paid education.
CAD drawings/plans in themselves are not guarantees of manufaturability! The saying, "It's not knowing how to drill the hole, it's knowing where to drill it," comes in play here. Engineering skills are very different from CAD and drawing skills because it involves knowing and adhearing to tolerances and features that assist manufacturing (while minimizing metal waste). For some general guidelines and safeguards, click here
There's no "make it cast" builder in your CAD software...
...but  that's why we're here!
Consider Golden Sun as the "make it cast" builder. Before you waste $30 on Fedex, and all kinds of time and money making a model that won't cast (and your deadline firmly intact), or if you're not sure your model will cast, please select "PLAT (Platinum Casting Estimate)" on our order wizard, and we'll walk you through the process, and give you a free inspection!
If you would like for us to provide an estimate on engineering your model to cast, please click here.

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